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Meditation for High Performers

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Living Flow helps entrepreneurs and other high performers achieve incredible inner and outer success. Built by entrepreneurs for anyone interested in radical personal growth and changing the world. 

For Professionals

Entrepreneurs in the Flow

A surfer riding a wave feels all of life connecting to create a perfect moment: from the combined cosmic forces of the sun, moon, and earth driving the tides, to storms creating ocean swells, to the wind driving currents and shaping the waves, the surfer harnesses it all for a perfect ride.

As an entrepreneur you can also harness life’s energy to ride a wave of innovation and success.

The best way to experience this yourself is by combining the practices of meditation and mindfulness with a complex and challenging pursuit like entrepreneurship.

If entrepreneurship is a constant roller coaster of ups and downs for you, if it fills you with anxiety and negative emotions, then you are separating entrepreneurship from life’s perfect flow.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Turn entrepreneurship into the ultimate flow state, the ultimate high.


A Vehicle for Personal Growth

Gain More Focus and Awareness

Learn techniques to enhance your performance and expand your awareness.

A Vehicle for Personal Growth

Overcome Obstacles

Identify your goals, we’ll help you overcome obstacles to achieving them.

A Vehicle for Personal Growth

Reduce Stress and Distraction

Learn techniques to combat stress every day so you can be your best self.

Our Inspiration

The Great Teachers of the East and West

Flow states are not new. 

We draw from the great inner teachers in the East and West and traditions including Yoga, Taoism, Vajrayana Buddhism, Zen, and the great Native American mystical traditions.

Living Flow is also the authorized publisher for the Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism and draws freely from the teachings of Dr. Frederick Lenz (1950-1998) , an American Buddhist teacher and entrepreneur who modernized Buddhist teachings to make them powerful and relevant in today’s world. 


How Can Living Flow Help Me?

Be Happier

Learn how to maximize your happiness through meditation, mindfulness, and better ways of living.

Overcome stress and anxiety

Understand what's causing your stress and how to counteract it.

Succeed as an entrepreneur

The inner principles of success will drive you and your startup to new heights.

Become more free and adventurous

Get past your limitations and fears, learn to live life as the endless adventure that it is.

Improve your focus

Learn how to use your mind to eliminate distractions and strengthen your concentration.

Have more energy

Increase your level of energy through specific mental practices that work.

Improve Athletic Performance

Gain the mental edge that will improve the performance of your body, mind, and spirit.

Find your purpose

What is it all about? Only you can find your purpose, we can teach you the methods to do so.