Peak Experiences

3 lessons

We can can make our lives about seeking peak experiences. Outdoor enthusiasts and extreme athletes come to mind when we think of peak experience seekers: the ones who climb high mountain peaks, dive to the deepest depths, surf the largest waves, run the longest distances, you get the picture. Or we think of the people that want life to always be a “high”, no matter the consequences: you know, like rock stars. 

Another way of describing a peak experiences is to talk about experiences that put us in the “flow state”. 

Life is made up of moments. Someone who seeks peak experiences is trying to get the most out of every moment they have available. Mystical teachings explain how to unlock the power of every moment:  we can feel each moment’s power, see its beauty, and experience its wisdom. This series teaches you how to look beyond the outer experience and go straight to the essence of what makes something a peak experience, so we can turn all moments into peak experiences, regardless of what our outer activity may be at any given time.