Visualization Meditation Practices

6 lessons

Most of us are visual: sight is the dominant human sense. So we use this dominant sense to make meditation easier. By visualizing certain images or focusing on certain objects with our eyes open, we learn to direct our awareness to a single point. 

Visualization takes us out of our normal mode of self-reflection through thinking. Instead we aim to still our thoughts by putting our entire attention into an image. Advanced visualizations can be extremely complex. Tibetan Buddhism, for example, is known for visualizations that are unbelievably intricate and precise. When pracitioners become very advanced, these types of visualizations allow them to hold multiple opposing concepts in their minds simultaneously. 

In these practices, we are learning how to flex our concentration muscle. Please practice each of these visualizations or whichever you one you are most drawn to. They will help you still your mind and will make you calm, happy, and energized. 

You can listen to the audio clip at the top of each lesson or follow the written instructions below, we’ve provided you both.