Living Flow Releases Insights: Tantric Buddhist Reflections on Life

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Living Flow is pleased to announce our third book release, Insights: Tantric Buddhist Reflections on Life

Living Flow is the authorized publisher for the Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism.

Dr. Frederick Lenz, known as Rama, taught over half a million people how to meditate in the 1980s and 1990s. He was also a successful technology entrepreneur, music producer, advanced martial artist, and world class snowboarder. 

He wrote a series of books on Tantric Buddhism, the path to awareness and transformation coming out of traditions such as Vajrayana Buddhism from Tibet and Zen Buddhism from Japan. His books are unique: they translate Buddhist principles into modern life in a way that modern Westerners (and Easterners) can find understandable and relatable. He felt it was important for people in today’s world to learn the “essence of practice”, meaning the specific transformative techniques and ways of living that transcend culture and ritual.

The first Living Flow book released in 2018 was Surfing the Himalayas, a Spiritual Adventure, followed in April 2019 by its sequel Snowboarding to Nirvana. Dr. Lenz turned his love of snowboarding into a metaphor for conquering the spirit. By using snowboarding as a metaphor for spiritual practice, he demonstrated how even something completely new like snowboarding can be transformed by the ancient and powerful practices of consciousness transformation that came out of the Far East. These two fictionalized books were loosely based on Dr. Lenz’ travels with an enlightened Tibetan monk in Nepal in the 1960s. 

The latest release, Insights: Tantric Buddhist Reflections On Life is a book of poetry that immerses you in the magical, cosmic, poignant, radiant, courageous, and silly world of Tantric Buddhism, also known as the fast path to enlightenment. Life is not what we think, this book teaches us, and only by learning how not to think can we gently and deeply probe life’s mysteries. Along the way, we learn the importance of giving it up, dancing alone, and letting go.

Insights illuminates spiritual topics with poems on yoga, enlightenment, meditation, karma, dharma, happiness, mortality, immortality, self-knowledge, and freedom. Insights also provides the enlightened perspective on so many aspects of life including love, sex, fear, death and everything in between.

Any time life seems confusing and you could use some guidance and inspiration, pick up this book,  read its poetry and dive into wisdom, brightness, and humor.