Snowboarding to Nirvana Now Available on Amazon

Back to Blog · 5 years ago

Snowboarding to Nirvana, the sequel to the bestselling Surfing the Himalayas, is now available in new  Living Flow editions on Amazon. 

This book is packed with meditation techniques and in-depth teachings on awareness and higher consciousness. It also includes snowboarding meditation, which we’ve also broken out separately for you on Living Flow. 

This book gets into some fascinating areas, from explaining why it’s more difficult to have mystical experiences today, to  describing how one can achieve ultimate enlightenment. Along the way we learn how even sex can be used to expand our consciousness and dive into deep metaphysical concepts such as the half life of time and how perception itself works. 

It’s also just a fun read and adventure, but it has a lot going on! Anyone with an open mind interested in life’s deeper truths should check it out. 

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