Stealing Light from the Sky

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I like giving people a different perspective on meditation sometimes from what they may already be familiar with. Most people are familiar with the idea that meditation will make you calm, peaceful, and less stressed out. These are great reasons to meditate, of course, and if meditation can do any of those things for you, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

But meditation is multi-faceted, mind blowing, and beyond concepts, so sometimes it helps to reflect on its deeper side:

Today in Colorado, it was snowing, so outside my window the sky was bright , white,  and filled with  beautiful snowflakes, and so was the ground. The ground and the sky were nearly impossible to distinguish in their bright whiteness. In deep meditation, you become impossible to distinguish from the brightness of your surroundings. Think of it as stealing light from the sky: as you melt into the sky, the sky’s light becomes your light. You can take as much light from the sky as you want. The more light you take,  the happier and more energized you feel. Trust me, the sky has no problem with you doing this, there is  no end to its supply of brightness! This is more than just imagination: you can literally feel the vastness and brightness of the sky become your vastness and brightness.

Please try our guided  “Blue Sky Visualization” if you haven’t experienced this before and would like to give it a try. 

Whenever you are feeling like you could use more energy, hope, and brightness in your life, give yourself permission to steal light from the sky. After all, you are only stealing from your true self.