Taking a Shower

Run Time 1 min

Taking a shower or bath in the morning wakes us up and helps neutralize us from the energies we picked up while sleeping.  As all of us have experienced, when we wake up the thoughts, emotions, and other energies from our dreams and sleep linger with us a bit into the waking state. We also pick up a lot of the energies around us when we sleep, since our usual waking defenses are down.

Many of us are not morning people and are still groggy or sleepy, even after bathing. Since you want to be alert when you are meditating,  if this happens to you it is a good idea to drink tea or coffee, and perhaps to eat a small snack. For many of us our blood sugar is low if we haven’t eaten anything, so the small snack may be exactly what you need. Of course you don’t want to overdo any of these things either. Use your judgement!