How to be Mindful

8 lessons

If you would like to be happy, calm, focused, and successful in all aspects of your life, you will need to learn both how to meditate and how to be mindful. 

This series will teach you the different aspects of being mindful. At Living Flow, we emphasize aspects of mindfulness that go beyond what you usually hear about being present in the moment. Sure, it is great to be present in the moment, but that is just the beginning of mindfulness.

Mindfulness ultimately is about taking the most powerful energies in life and using them to completely merge with any action or task that you are perforrming. When you are able to be truly mindful, you will excel at physical and mental tasks. 

Mindfulness is also about the power to direct your mind to more positive, expansive, and happier states of mind no matter what you are experiencing outwardly. It’s more than worth your time to learn how to be mindful. Let’s dive in!