Mantra Meditation

Run Time 3 min

Mantra meditation involves focus on the sound of a phrase that you repeat either out loud or inwardly, or a focus on sound in conjunction with a visual image. 

Mantra meditation is quite popular, and there are many mantra meditations that come out of Hindu and Buddhist traditions involving Sanskrit letters and words. 

Many people are familiar with the “Om” mantra.  It is considered the cosmic or mystical sound representing all of reality.

A great general mantra is OM mani padme hum.  Literally it means “the Jewel in the Lotus”, but this is symbolic language that signifies that enlightenment, full awareness, exists within us. Repeating this mantra is therefore extremely purifying and powerful as it condenses all of our thinking into one thought: that we contain within us the enlightened nature of all of existence. 

If you find it strange to focus on words from a foreign ancient language, you can personalize this mantra or any other by translating it to something that makes sense to you, such as “I am merging my mind with the mind of enlightenment” or “I am merging my mind with the mind of the universe”. 

Repeat your chosen mantra for the full period of your meditation session. Do not just “parrot” a mantra when you are repeating it. Focus your full attention on the mantra you are using until all other thoughts are excluded from your mind. Realize that the power of mantra comes from the pure energy it brings into your awareness. It is much more than just words or sound. 

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