The Balance Thesis

Back to Blog · 4 years ago

There are endless books, podcasts, YouTube videos, blogs, seminars, and webinars you can check out that will give you techniques, tips, and hacks for success in life. Many of these techniques will be helpful, but most will be superficial. Or they will reflect what someone believes made them succeed, but what they learned won’t necessarily work for you. 

We believe that out of all of those theories out there, there is one core thesis out of which all success arises.  Just one!  Without mastering this thesis, you could still succeed purely by chance.  Or be successful for a while before you burn out or just run out of steam. But if you want to be consistently successful for the long term, you need to learn the Balance Thesis. 

What is the Balance Thesis? It’s as simple or as hard as it sounds, depending on your perspective: we need to find balance within our minds.  We can’t be running around crazed and stressed out all the time, lost in our thoughts and confusion. We could have every PhD available from Harvard and MIT, but if our minds and lives aren’t balanced, we won’t figure out how to be truly successful. 

Balance is not intrinsically difficult or out of reach: looking around at nature and life, balance is the core principle that runs all ecosystems, allows buildings to stand up, and keeps us walking.  This same principle of balance exists within each of us, we are a part of life too. But by and large in modern life, we’ve completely forgotten about it. 

Meditation is the fundamental practice that connects us to the still point in our minds where everything is in balance. It’s always there, but by learning how to still the superficial noise and clear the usual clutter in our thoughts, we become conscious of this still point. Once we do, we remember how to relax and to be. 

With practice, we spend more time watching life from the still point of balance. Doing so makes us intrinsically happy and we make better decisions. We see what’s best for us and the situations we are in at any given moment. We can then make use of any success tips, techniques, and hacks that we like. Or create our own. But our inner state of balance will guide us through this process.