Higher Consciousness

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One of the reasons people explore meditation is the feeling that there is more to life than what they are currently experiencing. There is more to awareness: it’s a feeling or intuition at first, not something clearly defined, but it’s enough that they start looking around and seeing if there are other approaches, other ways of seeing and experiencing life. 

Everyone explores the things they are drawn to. Some of us are drawn to experience life in a different way.  Maybe you’ve tried everything else that you’re told you should be doing, like making friends, finding romantic partners, starting a family, going to school, going to work, going to parties, going on vacation… the list goes on and on, but at some point you find all of these things are the same. It’s just you doing different things: experiences that come and go, but nothing seems to really change. And if that’s OK with you, great, there’s no need to do anything different. 

But for some of us, we get a little tired of ourselves and our experiences. We feel compelled to change who we are and what we experience. At this point, you are ready to explore higher consciousness and transformation. The good news is that higher consciousness is real: there is more to life, there are ways to always expand who you are and become more. There are no limits to perception. 

There are techniques to learn and ways to live. Yes, they require some work, but not necessarily more work than  everything else that you’ve tried. Just different work, the right work, the work on yourself. The good stuff! 

At this point, a great adventure begins. Eveything in Living Flow is either introductory to or deals directly with the topic of higher consciousness. We invite you to explore the various series and practices in Living Flow and embark on the greatest journey of all: discovering your true self and the nature of reality. 

Remember on your journey that higher consciousness is not something “out there”. It’s truly knowing that your life is so beautiful that it will astonish you.