Meditation: It’s About Being High!

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When you start exploring meditation, you find lots of different approaches and perspectives. Some people see at is an “emergency” tool you can use when you need to de-stress, go to sleep, or be more focused. Others look it as a way to come to terms with your psyche or optimize your brain chemistry. And other schools seem to believe that you need to suffer to make progress and that if meditation is fun or feels good, you are doing it wrong!

So we thought we should be clear about our perspective here at Living Flow so that there’s no confusion on where we stand: meditation is about being high!

It’s about being as high and happy as you possibly can. Life, no matter the outer circumstances, is perfect. It’s all intelligent, all-knowing. There’s nothing wrong with it whatsoever. You are life too. So there’s nothing wrong with you either.

Meditation really involves reconnecting with that reality, making it your conscious reality.  So it’s not ultimately that hard. We simply need to be patient with ourselves and give it a chance.

Meditation is about gradually gaining the awareness of enlightenment. Enlightenment is best described in the words of Master Fwap, the enlightened Tibetan Buddhist master in the Living Flow book Surfing the Himalayas

“Enlightenment is the complete awareness of life, without any mental modifications. It is the experience of everything—every dimensional plane, world and reality. It occurs when your mind merges with nirvana, with what we Tibetans call the Dharma-Käya—the clear light of reality—which is the highest plane of transcendental wisdom and perfect understanding.

Beyond this world, and beyond all other worlds, there is an all-perfect light. It is pure intelligence, ecstasy, peace and happiness! It is the light that shines beyond darkness, time, space and dimensionality. In that all-perfect light there is no pain, suffering or limitation of any kind.” 

Why pursue enlightenment (in case it’s not obvious yet)? 

Master Fwap again: 

“Enlightenment makes you happy! It is the experience of ecstasy beyond anything you can possibly imagine. Knowledge of the Enlightenment Cycle—of the ways that the inner dimensions and nirvana work—gives you an entirely new perspective on everything. It lifts you far above the transient sorrows, pains, pleasures, and joys that the unenlightened masses experience each and every day of their lives.”

Meditation is the pathway to enlightenment. You can actually reach the shores of Nirvana in this lifetime – all it takes is a commitment to your practice.

When you first start practicing meditation, just like yoga, you may not tap into it right away. To start your journey, simply incorporate a few minutes every day into your morning or nightly rituals.

The European Journal of Social Psychology, published a study noting it takes about 66 days to build a new behavior into your life so that it is second nature. If that sounds daunting, 21 days is a good challenge to start with. Start today and commit to 5 minutes of meditation a day for 21 days. At the end of your three weeks see if you can increase it 10-15 minutes.

Before you know it, you won’t be struggling with your practice at all and you will only be looking forward to it.  Eventually, you start experiencing enlightenment first hand.

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