Who Do You Think You Are?

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Who do you think you are? Are you what you see in the mirror? Are you your personality? Sure! Of course you are your body and your personality. But that’s not all you are, is it? Who do you think you are? 

It’s not really a trick question. Well, maybe it’s a little tricky. You are what you think you are. What do you think you are?

Perhaps you realize that you perceive things: your senses, your thoughts, and your emotions. You perceive the world around you. You must be what you don’t perceive: the perceiver that perceives everything. OK, there might be something there. You are perception itself.  

What is perception then? Consciousness perhaps? Where does this consciousness come from? 

OK, good. You made it this far. Not everyone did! This is what real meditation leads you to: the experience of pure consciousness, who and what you really are. That’s not something anyone can just describe to you. It’s something that you need to experience directly: it’s actually something you are already experiencing, but your perceptions distract you.

In meditation, we sit in our own consciousness and let it unfold, outside of our senses, thoughts, and basic emotions. Yes, we are the body, our thoughts, senses, emotions, we are all of that of course. But we are so much more. 

Meditation is not just a stress break. It’s not a break at all. It’s an entrance into reality, shining and limitless. It’s your passport to the real you, taking you way beyond who or what you think you are. 

We realize that what we are saying sounds like it could just be a mindfuck. But something also tells you it could be true. If you’re still reading that is. There is a vastness to experience.

A part of us feels it: a longing for more. That part of us can’t be satisfied by continuing as we are. Come find out. Open your mind through meditation, mindfulness, and the entrance into reality. It’s there to do.

We are so much more!