How To Achieve Your Living Flow Goals

8 lessons

Congratulations on choosing your Living Flow goals! What you focus on you become. By choosing a goal and sticking with it, you choose an outcome. 

Here’s how we help you achieve your goals: based on the goals you select, Living Flow recommends a set of series for you to experience. Each series is like a course, but you won’t be graded or have homework, so please enjoy them! You simply view the lessons at your convenience, and mark them as completed when you are finished. 

Many of the series also have practices. Practices are techniques that we guide you through that you can use regularly or whenever you need them.  We’ve included some audio and video clips to guide you through these practices, so be sure to look for them.

Each section below explains Living Flow’s approach to each goal and the set of series that we recommened to help you accomplish it. Some series get recommended for multiple goals. For example, you will see a set of series on meditation recommended for every goal! But to make your life easier, you will see each series only once in your dashboard. 

We have provided some content to get you started with a free account. In order to access any of the locked content, you will need to upgrade to a paid account.