Goal Overview: Improving Focus

Run Time 2 min

Focus and concentration allow us to do things well. The way to improve focus and concentration is by clearing the mind of all thoughts and distractions. When we learn how to clear our minds, we become so absorbed in our actions that we don’t try to think our way through things. We become the action we are performing. When you are totally focused on something, you gain a sense of stillness and happiness.

How do we begin? Developing focus is like developing a muscle that we haven’t been using much. We repeat simple exercises until our concentration becomes stronger. At first, it may seem like nothing is happening, just like when you are building up a muscle. It may even feel tiring. But eventually, you start to notice your ability to concentrate has improved.

Meditation is focus and concentration at the beginning.  Learning how to meditate is also learning how to focus. Using your everyday tasks to better focus and increase your energy level is mindfulness. People who truly practice meditation and mindfulness are the most focused people that you’ll meet. They are happier too!

To learn how to improve your focus, you can begin with:

What is Meditation

Visualization Meditation Practices

Yantra and Mantra Meditations

Breathing Meditation

General Meditation Tips

And also learn about mindfulness: How to be Mindful