Goal Overview: Having More Energy

Run Time 2 min

In order to do the things in life you want to, you need energy.  When people think of having energy, they usually are only thinking of their physical stamina.  But physical stamina is just the tip of the iceberg.  We each have access to an unlimited source of internal energy, our life force, which is sometimes referred to as the kundalini, ki, or chi.  Once you learn how internal energy works, you will be able to use it in any way you choose to accomplish incredible things.

If you want to have more energy, you will want to learn more about how to  gain, store, and not lose energy.

Although there are a number of ways to increase your internal energy, the most effective way is by meditating. Once you’ve learned the basics of meditation,  specifically meditating on the energy centers will raise your level of internal energy. Please review these series to get the full picture:

What is Meditation

Visualization Meditation Practices

Meditation on the Energy Centers

General Meditation Tips

Another important way to increase energy is by visiting places that have more energy.   Exercise, diet, the thoughts we think, the people we are close to, all of these also have a big impact on our internal energy level.

We sometimes also refer to our internal energy level as personal power. Learn more about energy and personal power in the following series:

The Enlightenment Cycle 

Personal Power (Coming Soon)

Places of Power (Coming Soon)