Goal Overview: Overcoming Stress and Anxiety

Run Time 2 min

Modern life is totally stressful!  Stress serves a purpose: to induce a fight/flight reaction when we are threatened. This was important for survival when we lived in the woods and could easily be killed by wild animals, but today, almost everything triggers this stress reaction: traffic, work, school, the daily headlines, our loved ones, you name it! What we need to do is learn how to manage the stress reaction by learning how it gets triggered and how to counteract it.

We can gain perspective and learn techniques for combating stress. Please see:

Overcoming Stress

We recommend the following series on meditation to help you overcome stress and anxiety: 

What is Meditation

Visualization Meditation Practices

Yantra and Mantra Meditations

Breathing Meditation

General Meditation Tips

Mindfulness will give you back the moments of your life so that they are not dominated by stress and anxiety: 

How to be Mindful