Goal Overview: Succeeding at Work or School

Run Time 2 min

Do you want to be better at your job or do better in school? Those who are most successful in their careers are the ones with the clearest minds. It’s true!  Meditation is the science of clearing the mind which allows you to perfect your actions, over time of course.  Most of us do not have naturally clear minds: they are clouded by our thoughts, emotions, and senses.

What if you are good at your job or at school, but miserable.  Is that success? No, of course not!  True success means happiness in your accomplishments.  Here’s how we can help you be successful in your chosen pursuits:

Career and Academic Success 

You will need to learn all about meditation as well through the following series:

What is Meditation

Visualization Meditation Practices

Yantra and Mantra Meditations

Breathing Meditation

Meditation on the Energy Centers

General Meditation Tips

And you will also need to learn about mindfulness: How to be Mindful.